APRS internet Beacon Service - Map

ZL3RUM as principal sponsor & Direwolf configuration editor

ZL1KW callsign uses several SSID's to beacon - Repeaters as Published by NZART directly to the APRS Servers.

This is done with Direwolf.

The purpose to to provide another way for Amateur operators to quickly obtain repeater information.

There are many Apps available now like APRSDroid where you can simply look at the APRS objects around you.

The same goes for web sites like APRS.fi

A lot of repeaters are not beaconed locally and therefore do not show in APRS Apps or Website Maps

The Data is from the Current Call book Maps - And reflects the Repeater Licenses at the time of publishing

Therefore it is important to check locally - for the actual current status of the Repeater

i.e. is it currently operational & still licensed etc.

ZL1KW -2>9 SSID's are used to break the Beacons into areas such as:

National System North Island

National System South Island

2m Repeaters North Top

2m Repeaters South Top

2m Repeaters North Bot

2m Repeaters South Bot

Each of the ZL1KW SSID's Beacons :

Eastern Bay of Plenty Branch 51 https://www.nzart.org.nz/info/repeater-maps -APRS Beacon Service for Repeaters as Published NZART that are not beaconed locally

Which provides a link to the NZART Website for the Maps

If you have any updates or queries re the Beacons please complete the form below